Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Calendar journal -- November

I used Sharpies to outline the squares and the pumpkins, and colored pencils to color everything in. The attempt to make the squares look transparent was inspired by TracyU's August and September layouts. I tried to make them look like vellum by coloring them in lighter. Next time I will try different colors instead ... and maybe paints instead of colored pencils. The pumpkins look too flat and boring. Oh, well, better luck next time LOL!

I left plenty of room for bits and pieces to add in, but then the month ended up being one of the worst ... my girls were sick quite a bit, back and forth, during the month, and dh even got sick with food poisoning one weekend ... ugh! And then towards the end, we were in a hurry to re-shingle the back half of the house and I actually spent a lot of time up on the roof (never would have dreamed of that!) What a month! So I never found much time to embellish ... I'm hoping December will be more laid back ... but with the holidays and all, ha! If I can just hang on until January ....
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