Saturday, July 28, 2007

Black and White and Red All Over

Dawn at d'Blogala posted another prompt yesterday ... mapping your day. I knew right away that it would be the perfect way to journal the day because Fridays are my errand day. So I brought my journal along and jotted down where I went and ended up with this page (the background was painted several weeks ago with the red and the black X's with watered down acrylic paint):
As you can see, I didn't get all my errands done LOL! Will have to finish up today. Btw, I did NOT eat at Wendy's just so that the logo would match my spread ... it just happened ... I wrote that right on the logo, too LOL!

Then last night, I sat looking at the opposite page and decided to do Dawn's second prompt, making a list, to finish up the spread. The hardest part was trying to decide what to list in the various sections LOL! Here's what the page looks like now:Thanks, Dawn, for the fun prompts!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I've found a few new (to me) art blogs that I just adore ... and one, Dawn at d'Blogala, has recently started doing weekly prompts (you know I love 'em). The first prompt was to doodle. Simple, right? Except I'm not one for doodling ... to me, doodling is just random marks on the page ... they might make a picture, they might not. However, I tend to overthink each mark I'm going to make on anything, so to just be random and free is not easy for me. But, hey, it's the first prompt so that's where I'm going to start. So Thursday, I opened to a blank (except for green paint) page and draw a line across it (stressing over making the curves look natural ... sheesh!). Then I drew another wavy line woven around it and started filling in the spaces left between them ... after the swirls and the diamonds, I sort of stressed about what to do about the other 2 spaces so that they'd be different (see how I overthink things?!)

Then Friday night I went down to Chicago for the Women of Faith conference, bringing my journal and a few pens, of course. During the Friday night pre-conference, I started thinking about Dawn's live earth doodle page and thought that maybe I could sort of do that for this page ... just doodle about things that really stood out to me at the conference. So I tried it. It was slow-going at first, but as I got into it, it got easier. And a bonus was that I think I paid even more attention than usual because I was looking out for things to doodle about LOL! Here's the result:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Finally finished!

I finally finished my first spread in my "All in a Day's Work" journal. This combines two prompts ... an intro and a job description.I knew what I wanted to say, but I just couldn't decide how to get it on the page ... it wasn't until I thought of writing in white instead of black that I realized I could get it all on the page by writing over the top of the "MOM" and "WIFE". Love the layered look! The background is acrylic paint, the words "MOM" and "WIFE" were made by tracing alphabet puzzle pieces (thanks, kiddos!) and then coloring in with a Sharpie, and the definitions around the edges were cut from a fabulous old dictionary (it's huge!) that I got at a garage sale for a buck. A Sharpier poster paint pen was used for the journaling.

Now to think about prompts #3 and #4 ... #3 is about my daily routine and #4 is about where and with whom I work. I've got a few ideas brewing on those ... let's see if I can get them done before prompt #5 gets posted on Monday!

Monday, July 09, 2007

All in a Day's Work

I've been having fun this past week working on a project that Scrapdolly is currently posting on her blog. The project is called "All My Own Work" and each week for 10 weeks she is posting a prompt. When we're done, we will have a nice little book, album or whatever that documents our jobs. I thought it sounded like a fun project so decided to join in. Prompt #1 was to select the vehicle for this project and get it ready ... I chose to alter a board book (formerly one of my kids' books), turning it into an art journal for this project. Last week I tore off the top layer of all the pages and painted the backgrounds, just playing with color combinations.
Then over the weekend I did the cover. Love how it turned out!
The background and 24/7 are acrylic paints (I created a stencil for the numbers and dabbed the paint on with my finger ... love the texture that made), the 365 in the corner is a dymo label, and all the lettering is rub-ons, except WORK, which is wooden letters painted black. When I was done with all that, it felt like it still needed something. I ended up splattering the whole thing with diluted white acrylic and just that little thing really finished it off.

Prompt #2 was to do an intro page and a job description. I decided to combine the two and am still working on it (though you can see just a hint of it in the pic above of all the pages fanned out). I'll post it as soon as I finish the journaling. Now to think about prompt #3 which is to do a page about a typical day or week at our job. I'm thinking I'll do some variation of the journal page I did here, since it's basically the same prompt ... just need to figure out how to get all that info into a 7"x7" page LOL!
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