Thursday, March 08, 2007

More art journal pages

While taking pictures of the Florida pages, I realized I had a couple random pages in there that I hadn't shared yet, so I snapped their pics, too.

Florida gluebook pages

My family went to Florida to visit family in February ... we are blessed to have family on both coasts so we get to see the ocean and the gulf ... love it! I brought along my art journal and did gluebook pages of the bits of ephemera I picked up along the way to document our trip (as you can see, most of the stuff centers around food ... hmmm ...)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Calendar journal -- February

I went a different route for February ... I didn't use any Post-it notes to mask the squares before doing the background. Instead, I did the background, then drew a grid with a Sharpie. While I liked the slightly bigger squares for journaling, I found, as the month went on, that I didn't have much room for the little bits of embellishment ... guess I can't have both LOL! The background is done with Sharpies used in a blow-pen contraption.
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