Monday, October 30, 2006

My new sewing table!

Well, I haven't posted any progress on my updated sewing room since August. The next step was to start on the sewing table, but it took a little while for my husband to decide just how he was going to make it. He's used to working with iron, not wood, so he really wanted to do some research and to think it through before starting. And I'm so glad he took his time ... it turned out fabulous! He found a piece of wood that has the most amazing grain ... it looks like a topographical map ... love it! First, he cut it to size and then worked on the hole for the machine (that took some time to plan right ... darn machine has sloped sides and he wanted it to fit as close as possible ... thank goodness for scrap wood LOL!) Then it was time for the fun part ... color! We tried a water-based stain (in my favorite color, green, of course!) that did not work very well the way the instructions said to do it. After a couple layers of the stain and then a layer of the polyacrylic, my husband did not like it and actually took it back outside and sanded it down again to start over. Yikes! Talk about a happy camper ... NOT! The second time around, we did it our own way and it turned out much better.

Then came the crucial part ... making an acrylic piece to fit. It was a bit tricky since the machine has areas that slant in a bit. But he did such a wonderful job there, too ... after much walking up and down the stairs for fittings and trimmings, it's done! We're both so pleased with how it turned out ... we keep catching the other taking another peek at it LOL!

Now to find time to actually sew!!!


  1. Jennifer-Thanks so much for posting on my blog!

    How did you find me? I just snuck a peak at yours, will have to come back later to check out the rest....but your sewing table looks AWESOME.

    I quilt too! So many crafty projects--I can't wait to retire and just create everyday :)

    I will be posting the how-to for the advent calendar, and getting 25 rolls is easier than you think. I told everyone I know to collect them--and I already have enough for another calendar!

  2. Wow Jennifer, your sewing table looks absolutely stunning! You and your husband did a great job on it :)


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