Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Red, red, red ...

Dawn posted a challenge to the CompositionArtJournals group over the weekend to do a grid page. At first I wasn't planning to join in, but, as I usually do, I kept thinking about it and thinking about it and this morning I finally had to just do it. Besides, I had this spread already painted in black and hadn't yet come up with something to do to it, so it worked out perfectly. I decided to thumb through a couple magazines and pick out as many red things that caught my eye. My daughter had fun helping me with that part! In fact, she added to it by coloring on a scrap of paper with a red crayon ... it's the one in the bottom row, third from the right ... love it! After gluing the squares down, I doodled with a metallic marker ... very simple, but I think it added just the right touch. This was such a fun thing to do! I just might try it again someday ... maybe a different color, or a certain shape or ... well, who knows! Thanks, Dawn, for the challenge!


  1. It's great, Jennifer. I like all the red --- and the dots.

    I haven't done a challenge yet. Maybe I'll get started right this minute. Instead of surfing the web for hours & hours.
    Katharine (from CompositionArtJournals)

  2. what a cool page! i wanna do one like that!

  3. Very cool, I love all the red. Your monthly spreads are great too. Thanks for checking out my blog too. Hope you're staying warm!

  4. What a great page!! I love the warm colours.


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