Saturday, November 10, 2007

Finished a crochet project in record time!

Yay! A finished project!! It took me only 4 weeks to go from this to this:

Love it! And as you can see here, my 9yo dd loves it, too!

I really enjoyed crocheting this pattern so plan to use it again for my 5yo dd's afghan. I'm going to use the same yarn in these colors, and do the stripes a bit differently ... the dark pink and the black are very dark, so I'm going to mix up the sizes of the stripes this time ... very excited! And my 5yo is, too!


  1. stunning!! It would look really good mounted on a...lets say wood chevron like background...perhaps in November 08?

  2. I'll put it on my calendar!

  3. That would take me FOREVER to make! It's really beautiful. Great job!

  4. I plan to start knitting a ripple this evening! I have some different types of yarns but not a lot or enough of anything to make a pattern. Thirteen days is not in my line of achievability, lol!


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