Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Volume 3 is off to a great start ...

Here's Volume 3 of my art journal ... as I mentioned before, I made this with a composition notebook and manila folders. I'm really enjoying the bigger size again. Only problem so far is finding pens that will write on the acrylic paint ... I need to work on putting down thinner layers.Gotta put your address on the first page, just in case it gets lost. The background is watercolor crayon smeared with babywipes, then bits of a magazine ad. I gessoed a spot for my name and address and it sort of took on the color of the background, so it either wasn't dry yet or it rewetted them enough to color it ... either way, I like it! I had trouble with my Pitt pens around the "be bold", so for the bits of writing, I went with a colored pencil, which I'm really liking, so now I need to find a container to hold all my colored pencils in my journaling bag LOL!For this page, I started with a layer of acrylic, then some strips of a magazine page, then several foam stamped images using more acrylic paint, then gesso over it all, then some watercolor crayon smeared over that. I love the look, but when I went to do the phrase with a Sharpie, it just dried up. I had to let the pen rest after every couple of letters, and also really worked the side of the pen tip, just to get the color on the page. For the arrow, I went back to the acrylic paint. And for the bits of journaling, after trying a gel pen, I switched back to a colored pencil ... yep, need to add them to my journal bag! The picture is me at 2 1/2 years old with my grandpa ... found a whole little "grandma's brag book" filled with snapshots of me and my brother a couple of weeks ago while rummaging in the basement ... such a treat! I plan to use more of them on future pages.


  1. i'm really gonna have to do a collage after seeing that page of you and your grandpa. i love the look of the layers so much!

  2. That is so nice! Loving the folder additions, too! I love to send out journal books, but I have had 4 of the best I have done stolen and I am just so put off...You have really started rolling with the zentangle, which I STILL cannot figure out, lol! Gina

  3. I love your pages! Thank you for sharing the link to Sarah Whitmore's Soul Journey. I'm loving it!


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