Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh, dear! I almost got lost again!

Just a shout out that I'm not really lost ... I'm still here! I've just been so busy with getting the homeschool up and running after a lazy summer. But now it's week 4 and things are settling into a rhythm again, so hopefully I'll be able to start posting a little more often.

One of the things I've been missing out on is The Apron Goddesses' apron giveaways ... yikes! There have been some real cute ones in the last few weeks that I've missed out on. Bummer. However, it looks like I'm not too late for last week's giveaway ... this cute little red number. I love the shape of this apron and will definitely be crossing my fingers for this one!And, of course, I'm definitely not too late for this week's giveaway ... this fun Flower Power half-apron. Love that fabric!! So, yes, my fingers and my toes will be crossed for this one. I need to get my entries in asap.If you would like a chance to win either (or both!) of these aprons, just click here for the red one, and click here for the Flower Power, and follow the instructions. Good luck, everyone!


  1. ((Jennifer)))
    What an amazing site you have, plus you're very talented. You've done a great job.
    I'm a beginner quilter,rookie on a sewing machine (I love it!!!), just learning to knit as of 3 weeks ago and many other crafts. But knitting is proving to be a challenge, but I'll get it.
    I would really love to make/sew an apron. Any suggestions for this rookie?
    OH, and did I mention that I have alpacas? With that soft beautiful fiber.
    Here is my blog if you would like to stop by and see my alpaca pictures:

  2. You need to see Donna Downey's blog for aprons. She is starting a class I think soon. Just google her name, I think her blog is simply me.

    (I'm in Remains of the Day with you)


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