Thursday, June 03, 2010

Expanding my focus

I'm here ...

I've been here all along, actually ... I go to my blog page every day so that I can visit all the websites listed in the sidebar. But when it comes to actually posting something on my own blog, well ...

See, here's the thing. Notice the little subtitle under my blog's name? It says "A shady little spot where I can post my humble attempts at art and life." Art and life. But if you look back, you'll notice that all my posts are about art, or things that are art to me (like aprons). I found myself only posting when I had created something that I could take a picture of and say, "Look what I made!" Where's the life? The things I think about or do when I'm not making art?

As you can guess, I haven't really done anything artsy in quite awhile (well, that's not completely true ... after making this journal cover, I made a second one). But I've done other things ... homeschooled my girls, lost 40 lbs. (and still losing), read lots of organizing books, increased my exercise, started doing some redecorating. And yet, no posts, because I hadn't done any "art".

So I'm expanding my focus ... this blog is supposed to be a reflection of me, and there is more to me than quilting, sewing, crocheting. I can't promise that I'll post every day, but I will post. My art and my life.


  1. Great accomplishments. I look forward to reading more from you in the future!

  2. Jennifer, you are doing a ton of things! And I'll bet you incorporate your creativity (art) in those activities every day. Don't give yourself a hard time about the blogging or the're doing great.


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