Thursday, June 15, 2006

Crooked Cabins quilts

I've been quilting for about 15 years now, and yet I have never made a bed quilt for either of my daughters ... or for our own bed, for that matter! Well, I'm working on that right now ... one of my favorite quilt designers, Pat Sloan, is doing an online workshop on her blog using her book "Crooked Cabins". I decided to follow along and make a quilt for each of my 2 girls ... our own bed will have to wait a little longer! It's basically just taking a great focus fabric (a favorite print that you don't want to cut up, a novelty fabric, odd quilt blocks, whatever you want) and adding other fabrics in a very casual way to end up with a fun and funky quilt. Sort of like a log cabin quilt, but with way more attitude LOL! I chose this fabric for my focus fabric ... roughly 6" panels of cute little bees and turtles and smiling daisies. Because the panels are so small, I decided to take the daisy fabric shown in the corner (that I just happened to have in my stash ... love when that happens!) and cut out 3 additional centers for each quilt, making them rectangles of anywhere from 7"x9" to 9"x10" ... we'll see how that goes. The next step was to pull together a bunch of fabrics that look good with the centers ... I found 14 that I thought would work. These will be used around the centers and also a couple strips of each fabric are sewn together to make a "new fabric" that can be crosscut into strips for fun spacers when the blocks are sewn together later. I made my new fabric this afternoon ... it was fun to cut and sew with no precise measuring ... just whack off a strip and sew it to the last one LOL! Now I get to start building my blocks!

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  1. Jennifer~ you won the postcard for identifying the quilt block! I knew I had seen it before and drove myself crazy searching for it.

    Thanks for putting me out of my misery!

    Email me at and let me know the mailing addy to send the postcard!


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