Monday, July 09, 2007

All in a Day's Work

I've been having fun this past week working on a project that Scrapdolly is currently posting on her blog. The project is called "All My Own Work" and each week for 10 weeks she is posting a prompt. When we're done, we will have a nice little book, album or whatever that documents our jobs. I thought it sounded like a fun project so decided to join in. Prompt #1 was to select the vehicle for this project and get it ready ... I chose to alter a board book (formerly one of my kids' books), turning it into an art journal for this project. Last week I tore off the top layer of all the pages and painted the backgrounds, just playing with color combinations.
Then over the weekend I did the cover. Love how it turned out!
The background and 24/7 are acrylic paints (I created a stencil for the numbers and dabbed the paint on with my finger ... love the texture that made), the 365 in the corner is a dymo label, and all the lettering is rub-ons, except WORK, which is wooden letters painted black. When I was done with all that, it felt like it still needed something. I ended up splattering the whole thing with diluted white acrylic and just that little thing really finished it off.

Prompt #2 was to do an intro page and a job description. I decided to combine the two and am still working on it (though you can see just a hint of it in the pic above of all the pages fanned out). I'll post it as soon as I finish the journaling. Now to think about prompt #3 which is to do a page about a typical day or week at our job. I'm thinking I'll do some variation of the journal page I did here, since it's basically the same prompt ... just need to figure out how to get all that info into a 7"x7" page LOL!


  1. wow, differnt approach, great idea.
    I also am doing Karen's little project. Think I might to start a blog to show off my efforts.

  2. I love what you have done with this and am so thrilled you are playing along x

  3. How spooky!! we are both doing Dolly's class and we both have the same background on blogger.

    Thanks for your kind words, I have added you to my list of blogs to keep an eye on so will be watching your progress.

  4. This sounds like a great project! I'm sure you'll have something awesome in the end!

    Came here through referral links. *G* I'm glad my blog inspires you! I just noticed you're from northern am I!

  5. wow!
    you are so creative!
    i love the colours and the idea of altering a board book for your journal. is that a lot of work?
    i make altered books and have alwaya always meant to alter a board book, but it feels so tough!?


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