Saturday, July 28, 2007

Black and White and Red All Over

Dawn at d'Blogala posted another prompt yesterday ... mapping your day. I knew right away that it would be the perfect way to journal the day because Fridays are my errand day. So I brought my journal along and jotted down where I went and ended up with this page (the background was painted several weeks ago with the red and the black X's with watered down acrylic paint):
As you can see, I didn't get all my errands done LOL! Will have to finish up today. Btw, I did NOT eat at Wendy's just so that the logo would match my spread ... it just happened ... I wrote that right on the logo, too LOL!

Then last night, I sat looking at the opposite page and decided to do Dawn's second prompt, making a list, to finish up the spread. The hardest part was trying to decide what to list in the various sections LOL! Here's what the page looks like now:Thanks, Dawn, for the fun prompts!


  1. These pages look awesome, Jennifer! Very cool! thanks for posting... ;)


  2. hey nice to meet you nice blog. I am also in the just journaling group as well as a kazillion others. This week promts didn't help me,lol. But I use words as prompts mostly,in collages.

  3. I really like the list page! very nice!

  4. you have interesting compositions. and i like the colours.
    i just bound my self my own art journal so i'm very busy with it. :)


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