Friday, September 14, 2007

This hand

I finally did something with the backgrounds I did using the paint scraping technique last month! I used one for this week's theme (#29) at Blissfully_Art_Journaling which is "this hand". And I thought I'd try to work with Inspire Me Thursday's "limited palette"challenge from last week, so I stayed with the purples and yellows of the background instead of trying to introduce new colors.This background was actually my least favorite of the 6 I did ... I picked it because I figured if what I imagined didn't work right, I wouldn't ruin one of the better ones. But now that I've done something with it, I love it! Just goes to show that you can't judge it until it's really done. Now I really can't wait to play with the other 5 backgrounds!


  1. Jennifer,
    I have been reading your blog lately (I'm a fellow Sloanie) and enjoy your art journal. I just got a library book about altered journals and want to take a stab at it but it looks kinda scary! Feeling kind of stuck/stagnant lately and thought a journal like that might get the creative juices going. Any tips?

  2. I like this page too, and I think that is so true that you shouldn't judge a page before you feel it is finished! :-) great integration with text and the hand is fun!

  3. Love the hand. Your blog is fun.


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