Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My first thread crochet project

I've been having fun lately exploring the Crochetville website (if you love to crochet or want to learn how, check it out ... it's a great place to meet others and exchange patterns and ideas). One area is for show-and-tell, with various categories such as home decor, accessories, babies and thread crochet. Browsing the thread crochet category reminded me of my first (and only) thread crochet project ... a filet crochet design that I made for my mom so long ago that I can't remember when (late '80s or early '90s, I think). When I visited my mom last year (she's in Florida), I took pics of it hanging in the guest room and they've been sitting on my computer ever since. Seeing all the pretty projects at Crochetville made me want to share my own thread crochet project, so here it is:I really enjoyed making it, watching the pattern emerge as I hooked ... maybe someday I'll try another thread crochet project ....

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