Friday, August 18, 2006

Creative Organizing

I recently stumbled upon this fun blog called Creative Organizing and liked it so much, I put it on my list of daily blog reads. In this blog, personal organizer Aby Garvey shares fun ways to organize your life, and includes little challenge projects for making organizational tools fun and pretty so that they'll actually get used ... love it! A couple of her projects included making over clipboards and magnet clips. I just had to do these! I already had a clip that I'd received from my local library, so I turned it into my own menu holder. Maybe I'll actually start making weekly menus again ... it is really nice to know what's for dinner *before* 5:30 p.m.!

Then I just *had* to make some clipboards. I got some boring old brown clipboards from Wal-Mart (for only 97 cents!) and made the green one for myself (using the side of a gift bag) and the bee and ladybug ones for my girls (using scrapbooking papers) ... I'm not sure yet what my clipboard will be for, but I plan to use the girls' boards for their daily to-do lists. I think they'll have fun checking off their chores and stuff with these pretty things!

While I was making them, I realized they'd make great gifts for an upcoming birthday party we're attending. So, after another trip to Wal-Mart yesterday for more clipboards (I only needed 2, but I went ahead and bought the last 8 LOL!), I made these two boards for the special birthday girls. I hope they like them!

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