Thursday, August 10, 2006

More quilts for the show

Well, I'm finally getting around to filling out entry forms for the upcoming quilt show. I wanted to do this over a week ago, but I couldn't get the darn form to print out! Had to wait until the next guild meeting to pick up a handful. Since I need to have these turned in by the 15th (only 5 days away ... yikes!), I decided I better get cracking LOL! It was like strolling down memory lane to jot down info about why I made each quilt and all the details about how it was pieced, appliqued and quilted ... *sigh* ....

In addition to the seven quilts I mentioned in a previous post, I'm also including the Burning Bush quilt and this cute little wool bunny. This is the second time I've entered quilts in the guild show, but my first experience with judging. For the last show, the organizer opted to not have the quilts judged in order to encourage everyone (even those who didn't think their quilts were "worthy") to enter at least one quilt. The organizer for this year's show has included judging, but has given us the option to determine whether a quilt is part of the judging or not. I'm a little nervous, but also anxious to hear what the judges will say about my quilts. I'm looking forward to reading the critiques ... maybe I'll get some tips on how to improve! Now if I can just figure out how I'm going to print out the pics ....

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