Friday, August 18, 2006

Scavenger Hunt art

On the artexplorations group, we recently did a 2-part scavenger hunt. For the first part, we swapped a bag of stuff (pictures, trim, papers, etc.) with our assigned partner. Then for the second part, we were assigned a second partner to make a piece of artwork using the stuff we received from the first partner. My first partner was Gina in OR. I sent her this bag of goodies and she sent me an envelope stuffed with some really interesting things, including waxy milk bottle tops, cool papers that I think are mulberry papers(?) and some neat pictures. My second partner is Linda in MD, who in turn made me a beautiful piece of artwork using stuff she received from Lois in IL (which is too funny because Lois lives less than 20 miles from me LOL!) Here's the piece Linda sent me last month.
In turn, I needed to make something for Linda. While Gina sent me some really neat stuff, I was having a hard time grouping things together ... so many different styles and colors. I knew I would need to add some of my own stuff in order to make a complete piece, but it was all in boxes from the studio redo ... yikes! But I finally got some stuff uncovered and found some things that would work ... and this morning I buckled down and put them together. I'm so pleased with how it turned out! What do you think? The picture shows yellows that are brighter than in person ... they're more rusty orange in real life.The background papers, phrase, picture of the 3 miners and the neat green ring (which is the outside edge of one of the waxy milk bottle tops ... so cool!) came from Gina's package. I just added some PO stamps, a little piece off a tea bag package and an interesting picture from a cereal box. A little rubbing with a sepia stamp pad over the top of the papers before adding the ring helped blend all the edges. I love the leathery feel the piece has ... let's hope Linda likes it as much as I do!

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    This may come through twice! Anyway - I think what you created from Gina's stuff is very cool. I'm sure Linda will love it. Collage is difficult but you've made it look easy. Mine always looks like I just piled a bunch of stuff together and crossed my fingers.

    Love, PK


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