Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Have you heard about Ami Simms' Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative? Ami started it to help raise money for Alzheimer's research and it's done wonderfully ... she's raised $290,000 so far! I'd heard about it before, but it wasn't until our guild did a Burpee catalog challenge for our last guild show that I actually made a quilt for the AAQI. The challenge was to make a quilt based on our particular catalog page ... and, while not a requirement, a bonus was to make it in the AAQI required size (9"x12") so that it could later be donated to the AAQI. I don't know how many entered the Burpee challenge, but I do know that 25 of us entered with the AAQI in mind! I made this quilt, "Strawberry Fields Forever".I filled out the paperwork, got my assigned number and sent it off, not knowing how long it'd take to end up on the auction block. Well, it's up! It and about two dozen other quilts are up for auction starting today. Click here to check them out ... maybe you'll find one or two that you want to bid on. But don't wait too long ... the auction only lasts for 10 days and then they're gone! But if you miss this one, check back at the beginning of each month for more quilts.

If you, too, would like to make a quilt to donate, check it out here. This is a great project for trying out new techniques on a small scale, or to use up your scraps ... have fun with it!


  1. That's a cool idea and for a great cause. I am off to go see whats happening at your link!

  2. That is awesome. I am going to post over at tag too. :)


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