Sunday, July 12, 2009

County Fair

I haven't done much sewing over the past couple days ... dealing with sick kids instead. Lots of cuddling and read-alouds and such are filling my days. But I did find some time to label my stack of entries for the county fair:I'm entering 11 items ... 5 quilts, 1 crocheted afghan, 1 decorated sweatshirt, 2 aprons and 2 tote bags. This is my second time ever entering a county fair (won a 2nd place ribbon the first time!), and my first in this county. I've lived in this county for 12 years now, and I can't believe I took this long to enter. Well, actually, I did think about entering a few years ago, but reading the fair's website was so confusing, I gave up. But one of the ladies at our guild got up during show-n-tell last summer to show off her ribbons and to encourage us to enter ... and I decided that I would do it the next year, no matter what!

So a few weeks ago I thought, "Hmmm ... the fair should be coming up soon." Glad I didn't stall after that ... when I got home and checked the website, I found that, while the fair was a month away, I actually had less than a week to submit an entry form. So I read the requirements and got confused again ... but I didn't let it stop me this time. Instead, I became a pest ... I found a contact email and sent them a whole list of questions. They responded, I asked more, so on and so on. And now, about 5 emails later, I have a stack waiting to take to the fair! Patting myself on the back here LOL! The girls think it's pretty neat that I'm going to have stuff at the fair ... though I think they're a little more excited about going on the rides. (I just hope they're feeling well enough to go later in the week!) And, who knows ... there just might be a ribbon or two hiding in that stack LOL!


  1. Ooooh, good luck!! County Fair entries are soooo fun!!! I once took home a ribbon for a chair that I built, and once for a baked entry!! Keep us posted, and again Good Luck!!! (Hope your kiddies feel better soon)
    ♥ Teresa

  2. How nice to be able to actually submit something to the FAIR! I have not been so crafty or skilled. :( But only due to my lack of industry I guess.

    I am glad you are able to represent for all of us wanabes!! (or just me)


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