Thursday, July 30, 2009

My plaid apron

Well, not exactly a plaid apron ... it's really a denim apron with touches of plaid. You see, I bought a yard of this neat plaid fabric at Hobby Lobby ... it was actually made up of small (roughly 3") squares of different plaids all stitched together. And the best part was that it was on clearance at $2/yd ... love it! So I brought it home, with tentative plans to make a half-apron with it, maybe adding an overlay using one of my recent vintage embroidery purchases (scored big at a garage sale recently!), perfect for my submission to the current Tie One On theme.

But then, a couple days later, someone forwarded a recent issue of a newsletter called Sewing Savvy on the Sewing Aprons Yahoo group, because the issue was all about aprons (it's the current issue as I type, but if you read this down the road, it's July 2009, Vol. 7, No. 10). One article in the newsletter is called Denim with Dinner ... a pattern for turning bib overalls into an apron. It caught my eye for two reasons ... one, I happened to have a pair of pale green overalls that I hardly wear (why? because they are not flattering at all LOL!), and two, they dressed it up with a plaid fabric. The wheels in my head started turning and turning, and this is the result.
Now, I couldn't follow the pattern exactly ... my overalls were different than they were describing and I had less of the plaid than it called for ... but the pattern made a great guideline for turning a piece of denim clothing into an apron. I'm very pleased with how it turned out! And now I have an excuse for wearing these soft denim overalls without looking frumpy LOL!This was great fun to do, and now I can't wait for the girls to outgrow some of their jeans so I can try the same techniques on some half-aprons for them, especially since they love how mine turned out. And, hey, if any of you try this, let me know because I want to see!!

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  1. I need to learn how to make a ruffle... I have a jean half apron in mind but have not mustered up the courage yet. :( Wah wah...


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