Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Altered Text pages

I thought I'd start by posting a few "altered text" pages I altered in the style of The Humument. I love this style ... the search for the perfect words or phrases to pull out of the text is quite hard for me, but when they are finally teased out, the result is very rewarding. I really need to do some more pages like these ....

The book I'm altering is The Artist by Norman Garbo.

Page 9: I pulled out words that described the beach (waves, ocean, foam, shore, whitecaps, Atlantic, water, seaweed, tideline, sand, dune, driftwood, beach), so I just colored in a beach scene (using Sharpie markers). I love the simplicity of this page.

Pages 12-13:
"Grief and mourning,
feeling the silence
frozen forever in the darkness
if the soul had its own natural knowledge of such things, it had so far refused to share"
(Sharpie marker)

Pages 16-17
"feeling anonymous irrelevant
fading translucent
hollow echoes vague
the sensation elusive"
(Sharpie markers)

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  1. What a fun style of pulling out the words for a poem! Thank you for sharing them with us!


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