Thursday, May 11, 2006

Starting the Altered Arts Obsession

Summer of 2005, I joined a round robin on one of my favorite Yahoo groups (FiberArtTraders). We each made a 5 inch square book and then sent it around for the others in our group ... each person was to add one 2-page spread in the theme chosen by the originator. For my book, I chose the theme Color. I created my book using cotton linters for the pages, then decorated the front cover, back cover and the first spread for a signature page and instruction page. There were 6 people (including me) in the group, so I had room for each of us to do a 2-page spread on a color. I marked the pages as to which color should go on which page (I wanted them to follow the color wheel ... red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple), but everyone got to choose what color to do based on what was left when they received it. At the end, I would do whatever color was left. When I received the book, I was overwhelmed with the creativity! The book is such a pleasure to hold ... and the variety of shades of each color are wonderful. When it came back to me, the color green was left for me to do ... my favorite! Unfortunately, I have not yet had a chance to create the green spread, though I have been setting aside bits and pieces for when I do get around to it. In the meantime, here's the pages the other ladies did:

Red by Katy Kapasi

Orange by Normajean Brevik

Normajean even wrote a poem:
Orange is My Favorite Season
Red, orange, yellow, brown,
I see the leaves come tumbling down.
I hear them crunch beneath my feet,
the sounds of Fall are really neat.
We rake them in a giant pile,
jumping in them makes us smile.
I like each season, I like them all,
but the one I LOVE, is called Fall.

by Penny Dean

by Darma Redwine

by Melinda Fulkerson

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