Friday, May 26, 2006

A Fiery Quilt

I finished this little quilt today ... it felt so good to sew something again! My sewing studio is in a bit of a disarray as we work on the walls and rearranging the furniture, so other than the workshop with Laura Wasilowski a couple weeks ago, I haven't done anything with fabric in quite awhile. My church has an art gallery and every few months they change the theme and invite artists in the church to submit artwork in that theme. The upcoming theme is the "Essential 100" ... this is a list of 100 passages in the Bible (50 in the Old Testament and 50 in the New Testament) that are good for reading to get an overview of the message of the Bible. Each artist is being asked to choose one of the passages and interprete it in their artwork. At first I was going to do a quilt on the Fruit of the Spirit found in Galations 5 (I've had an idea for it for quite awhile actually, but have never had an opportunity to actually start working on it), but time ran out ... the deadline was this past Sunday. However, in the church bulletin that day there was a notice that the deadline had been extended one week. I started doodling the quilt on a scrap of paper and came up with another idea for that passage that I thought I could finish in just a few days using the techniques I learned in Laura's workshop. As sometimes happens though, the idea took on a life of it's own. After I fused down the blue and green vines, I realized I'd made more of a bush than a grapevine like I'd intended, which made me think of Moses' burning bush in Exodus 3. So I went with it ... and I'm so glad I did! I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I hope the gallery organizers like it as well. And who knows, I just might make that Fruit of the Spirit quilt someday, too ....

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  1. Oh, Jennifer, this quilt is georgeous! Thanks so much for sharing it!


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