Friday, July 21, 2006

Are we there yet?

This studio redo is taking longer than I hoped ... I know, surprise, surprise ....

The painting is done and the painting stuff is all put away. Now we are tackling the floor and baseboards. I spent all my free time yesterday scouring the parquet tiles with steel wool ... my wrists are so sore! I just need to damp mop it and let it dry and it'll be ready for the tiles. However, my husband has decided that I need to buy better floor tiles than what I settled on before. Something more durable ... the tiles I bought are low end stuff that might not stand up to constant rolling on from my chair and could rip from moving the shelving units. Well, who am I to question getting something better? LOL! So I'm off to Home Depot to see what they have. Hopefully, they'll have something I really like ... and I'd really like it if they were on sale! Don't know how I could beat $66 though ... oh, yeah, I originally spent $80 on the flooring, but then 3 days later we were at Menards again and I saw they were on sale. So I marched right up to the front desk for a price adjustment and saved another $14. I was so happy about that, and now I'll probably end up spending about $200 for something better LOL! Oh, well ....

Update: I'm back! Found something I really like, and the price wasn't too bad either. For about $160, I got these reddish brown tiles. At first I was going to get it in the green colorway, but decided that'd be too much and that these were a little more neutral. And they do have some green splashes blended in that look really pretty. They're darker than I originally thought I wanted, but I think they're going to look really nice in the room ... and they'll hide scuff marks and dirt better than the other ones would've done, so that's definitely a plus LOL! Only problem ... I have to let them sit in the room for 48 hours before installation. It's always something, isn't it?


  1. Jennifer,
    I'm envious that you are actually within reach of having your own studio! SWEET. Thanks for continuing to stop by my blog and add your kind comments. I appreciate your thoughts immensely.


  2. I agree with Witness on all points! Thanks for dropping by and leaving me some much appreciated feedback :)
    Congrats on the studio upgrade!!! That's just sooooo cool! You have to share some photos of you making magic in it once you get settled in!

    In response to your comment, I think what's helping me work looser is to work SMALL with a realy fine tipped pen- I have a little trouble holding the little moleskin book steady- which makes it impossible for me to get all serious and uptight about whatever I'm trying to doodle. I like the zing of working REALLY fast- it's invigorating to scribble down the gyst of what you see, instead of fretting about all the small stuff.

    Oh, and before I wrap up this overly windy reply, (*grins*) I have to blame you for intriguing me with the whole art journal and altered book thing! I just joined a buncha yahoo groups now to learn more! Thanks!

  3. OMG! my husband picked up almost the same tile sample last night from lowe's (we are redoing our basement - which will be my studio and family room shared space)

    I like your choices so far!


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