Monday, July 17, 2006

Ceiling and walls and flooring, oh my!

Well, it's Monday and the studio isn't quite as far as I'd hoped. But it's close! Got the second coat on the ceiling on Friday. On Saturday Warren finished the patch of the crack on the east wall and gave the north and west walls 2 coats of the green. Yesterday I primed the east wall and the closet wall. Then while I was putting the girls to bed last night, Warren painted the first coat of green on those walls. I still need to sand the spackle on the inside edge of the closet opening so that it can be painted, too and then these 2 walls can get their second coat. Warren also changed out the outlets to new white ones, and they look so pretty against the green (never thought I'd get so excited about outlets LOL!)

But the floor and baseboards, oh my! The flooring is wood parquet tiles, which wouldn't be too bad except the previous owner who installed them didn't take good care of them. I think they let their kids paint the walls because there is paint splattered all over the floor and the baseboards, too. Even the outlets had paint all over them ... anyone ever hear of using a damp rag while painting?! Sheesh! So anyway, we had to decide whether it was worth trying to clean the paint off or to cover it with something else. We decided that if we could find some nice stick-down tiles, we'd go with that. So on Saturday, while Warren painted, I went to Menards and found (after much deliberation) some pretty tiles that have light green vines/leaves in the center. For only about $80, I'll have a new floor ... love it! It's really going to lighten up the space, too, since the current floor is kind of dark. As for the baseboards, Warren is going to see if he can find something tall enough to cover the original boards' marks. If we can't find anything we like or that fits our budget, we'll just paint the old ones white and put them back up. But I'm really hoping we find something else ... the old ones are sooo boring!

Since we still need to finish painting and now have to tackle the floor, looks like it's not quite ready for my stepmom's visit this afternoon. Oh, well ... the pantry really does need some straightening ....


  1. I had fun looking at your blog. Can't wait 'til your studio is done and I get to see more of your quilts. I love to draw with ink, too. In my next life I'm going to be an artist and produce ink line drawings.

  2. your studio is looking just awesome! renovating can be such a drag, but the end results can be so rewarding too


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