Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Outside my window ...

The current journal prompt at Inspire Me Thursday is "outside my window..." I started out by painting the background with shades of brown and green because those 2 colors are very dominant outside my window LOL! Then I added a few touches of pigment ink (pounced through some punchinella), using colors that I also see outside ... like dark red for the mulch around our plants, blue-violet for the lobelia, yellow for the swings on the swingset. Then I added the journaling with a Pitt pen. In case you can't read them, here's what's outside my window:

neighbors waving
fog rolling
flowers blooming
birds singing
steaks grilling
sun setting
rain pouring
squirrels chasing
children playing
grass growing
wind blowing
vegetables ripening
weeds multiplying

You can see out others' windows here.


  1. i like the simplicity of your entry

  2. I love the challenge, the simplicity, the "assignment", which helps to keep us artists, FOCUSED-- Plus I really enjoyed your entries in your journal, about what it outside your window........ I'll have to jump into this and see what I come up with, too...... thanks for the inspiration !!


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