Friday, June 08, 2007

Up in smoke

I just joined another Yahoo group about art journaling ... this one's called ATCA Art Journals. I have no idea what the ATCA stands for, but that's okay. I can still play LOL! They post a theme each week for the members to make a journal page about. This is week #19 and the theme is "up in smoke". Here's what I came up with:While I wait for next week's theme, I just might go back and work on some of the past themes. I've already got an idea for week #14 "definitions" ....


  1. ATCA means Atc Artists. ATCA Journals actually splittered off that group. I am also the list owner of it. There was alot of confusion when I tried adding journal stuff to the atc group so I just made a sister group for it. :)

    I love your up in smoke. I would never have associated money with I keep thinking of the cheech and chong

    :) Tesse

  2. cool take on that word!!

  3. This commenting is kinda fun. Thanks for visiting my blog, and looking way back to the altered books, etc. I am planning 2 more books - one for my new granddaughter, and another for my daughter and her travels(she just came back from a photo-making tour to the far East--
    It's hard for me to stay on ONE track, though, I love doing so many things....... Anywho, I love your book entries.... keep it up sandy


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