Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Apron Wannabe's

Today was such a great day! My girls and I went to a favorite thrift store with my mil and sil ... always fun! It's on the other side of town and kind of awkward to get to so we don't do it often, but when we do go, we always find something good. When my sil called yesterday and asked if we wanted to go, my first thought was "aprons"! Yes, I'm on an apron kick now. (Actually, I've always had a love of aprons, and it's been a little desire of mine to have a bunch of different ones to wear for different jobs and occasions. There's just something about wearing a cute little apron or a let's get cooking apron that puts one in a good mood ... know what I mean?)

So, anyway, I decided that this trip was, at least for me, going to be an apron hunt. I'd never searched for aprons there before, so first I checked all the aisles ... no apron section. Hmmm ... if I were an apron, where would I be? "Excuse me, worker lady, if you got any aprons in, where would you put them?" A murmur and some gesturing over to the back wall ... oh, by the tablecloths and window treatments ... alright, I'll check there next. Nothing. Well, I mean I couldn't find any ... every time I saw something that might have apron strings ... nope, it's crib bumper pads or a window topper with ties or some other strange household item I've never seen before. So, scratch the aprons. Darn, now what? Hey, maybe I should look around for clothes that I can turn into an apron ... YES! I want to make my own anyway, so that's what I really should be looking for, right? Of course, I never would have thought to turn an item of clothing into an apron if it weren't for the neatest blog called Tie One On. I love this blog! Every couple of months they post a theme and people make an apron to fit the theme ... love it!! And one of the themes had been to turn clothes into aprons.

First I looked at the skirts ... I figured that would be the easiest to turn into aprons. Just cut a slit up the back, add ties and it's done. Well, I struck gold right there in the skirt aisle ... I found 7 skirts that I think will work easily into half-aprons. I chose skirts that would normally be too small for me, figuring that once they are cut and ties are added, they'll be just the right distance around to look like a proper apron (fingers crossed here!) Then I checked the dress aisle to see what I could find. Not so easy ... I found many cute ones that would be darling aprons, but I wasn't sure how I would go about turning them into aprons without having to basically reconstruct them. But I did find one dress that had a halter-style top that I think will work well. So, 8 items to turn into aprons ... yay me! And what made it even better was that almost all of them were 1/2 price today (another fun thing about this store, each day they pick 2 or 3 colored tags to be 1/2 price ... today all the yellow, blue and green tags were the lucky ones ... gotta love that!)

And to top off the day, we stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch and a treat ... yummy! Bargains and ice cream ... what more could a girl ask for?!

Here are pics of 6 of the skirts and the one dress I found (the 7th skirt is a dark red so that's still in the dark laundry pile waiting to be washed ... I'll post a pic of that one later when I actually turn it into an apron, okay?):

I'm thinking of starting with the long denim skirt in the picture on the right ... I've got ideas for the current theme "local pride". Oh, and ignore the little spot ... must be something on the camera lens ... believe me, when I saw that in the pic, I raced back the studio to check LOL!

FYI, on the journal page at the top of the post, which I'm so glad I did on the same day that it happened! I used watercolor crayon for the background, rubbing it with a wet wipe. All the writing and scribbling was done with a no. 2 pencil. A simple page ... I like it!


  1. you know i love aprons, i wear an apron as soon as i get home from work and take it off when i get my pj's on, i have about 10 of them. I love them, everybody thinks I am weird, but I just feel like i am home when I put one on.

  2. Plus they have pockets!!!


  3. Hey Jennifer! I can't wait to see your finished aprons! One of these days I'm gonna make some for myself, our thrift stores tend to not have those sorts of things. We miss you on the QWHT list, long time no see.



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