Monday, June 22, 2009

Laundry day can be fun ...

if you're wearing the right apron! What?! You don't have a washday apron? Well, sheesh, neither do I ... now what? Hmmm ... we're going to have to remedy that ... with an apron giveaway, of course! Dear Diane (aka "Persuaded") from Tomato Soup Cake made 2 adorable aprons over the weekend in the cutest laundry themed fabrics, and she's graciously offering one of them in a giveaway on her blog. Isn't it sweet, modeled here by her lovely daughter, Millen?She sure looks like she's enjoying doing that laundry ... I need some of that joy LOL! If I don't win this apron, I think I just may have to make my own (wish I could get a hold of that pattern ... love it!) If you're in desperate need of some laundry joy, too, click here and follow the instructions. Good luck!

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