Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I fixed it!

In the last post, I showed a page with inkjet transfers that I had a few problems with. The result was pink splotches around the transfers that also bled through the paper. A couple days later, I realized there was a way to fix it ... color! I took a watercolor pencil that matched those pink splotches and colored in the background. Now the splotches are covered up ... love it! I just can't believe it took me a few days to think of it LOL!Then on the backside of the right page, there were five big pink splotches ... since there was nothing else on the page yet, I thought maybe I'd cover it up with collage or paint. But Sunday we were at my in-laws' house and everyone was gathered in the family room doing various things. I wanted to sketch in my journal, but I was also thinking about this ruined page. While looking around the room, I noticed my mil and one of my girls doing a puzzle. And that got me thinking ... we LOVE puzzles! I could draw puzzle pieces around the splotches, color them in, and journal about this love. So I did ... I sketched the puzzle pieces in, then the next day I colored them and journaled. Another fix, and a great page, to boot. Can't beat that!I'm still working on the backside of the left page ... that has a few splotches, too, but was on a work in progress. I've got some ideas, but it'll be a little while ... will post it when it's finally done!

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