Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More art journal pages

Since taking that online art journal class, I have really enjoyed working in my art journal again! I think I was focusing too much on the art side instead of the journaling side. I'm more comfortable with words than pictures, and I've been learning that it's better for me to decide what I want to journal about, then make art that complements the words. Not that I still won't occasionally do art on a page just because, and then journal randomly on it later ... gotta mix it up a bit sometimes LOL! It's just nice to learn something about yourself, and then be okay with it (even embrace it). These are my pages from the past three days.


  1. Very nice pages Jennifer. I guess that is what makes Jessica's journaling an easy way as it's not just pictures (but it can be) and it's not just words (yet is can be) so she shows us anything goes - have fun and you'll "love to journal"! I'd say you definitely have it down.

  2. Peggy Rowland6/14/2008 10:23 AM

    This is nice. I used to kept writing-only journals, but I've never tried to add art to it.


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