Friday, May 09, 2008

An Online Art Journaling Class

Recently I mentioned an online course I took to learn more techniques for art journaling. It's called "Love This Journal: Become an Art Journaling Diva in 21 Days". The instructor, Jessica, presents you with daily videos showing new techniques and ideas for playing in your art journal. She also includes lots of tips on how to draw things so that they are recognizable (this is a great class for people who don't think they can draw at all ... I learned so much!) I can't show all the pages we did, because many of them would reveal too much of the class, but I do have permission to show these pages (Blogger is being a little finicky today, so I will post more pages in another post). If you're interested in trying the class yourself, hurry and sign up ... the next session starts today! You won't be disappointed!Another great feature of the class is that at the end, Jessica provides a link for a Yahoo group for "graduates" where they can continue to share pages. The participants of this exclusive group also challenge each other with fun prompts. I did one recently that I will show you later. It's one of my favorite pages to date!

Currently, I'm taking Jessica's level 2 course, which students are welcome to take after level 1 if they'd like. This is the first week and I've already learned some great tricks! When I've finished the class (in about 5 weeks), I'll post some pics.

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