Friday, May 23, 2008

Who doesn't love a good shoe sale?!

My girls and I went shoe shopping yesterday ... 8 pairs came home with us LOL! That evening I wore my new faves and drew one while the girls were at dance class.
Then this morning I attempted to do some inkjet transfers based on this video. I did not have the same success, but I learned a few things. First, do not choose "photo" under the ink quality ... normal would've been fine. Second, make sure your spray bottle shoots a very fine mist. And third, if possible, use pigment ink, not dye ink. As you can see, the ink ran and left pools of pink at the corners. That wouldn't have been so bad, but it bled through to the back of the pages, too. In fact, on the left side, it bled through not only that page, but the next page, too. Actually it was the shoe page above ... luckily, I hadn't finished the watercolor on the shoe, so I was able to cover it up pretty well. Can you tell?Next time I will use what I learned to do it a little differently ... hopefully with much better results. It was fun to play, though ... that's what art journaling is all about ... playing! Now I get to play with the page that's still in progress and now has pink splotches all over ... who doesn't love a challenge!

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  1. interesting approach, would have never thought of that!


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